New Construction Roofing

New Construction Roofing

Your roof should complement the architectural design of your home or building. It’s essential to hire a reputable roofing contractor for your project as they will help you select roofing products that meet your needs, preferences and budget.

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New Construction Roofing VS Roof Replacement

New construction and roof replacement both pertain to installing a new roof on a home. A roof replacement is done on an existing structure, and can either be done as a tear-off or an overlay. In a tear-off, your roofer will completely remove the old roofing materials before installing the new ones. In an overlay, new shingles are installed over the old ones. 


New construction roofing involves designing and building a roof for a new home or building. When you’re having a home or building built, you’ll need new construction roofing contractors to install the roof’s framework, underlayment and covering. 

What's out There For Roof Choices...

Most Common Choices For Residential Roofing

Wood Shake Or Shingles

These are pricey but attractive shingles. They have great durability but aren’t a good choice in regions where there is a fire danger.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs made of steel or aluminum have become more popular in recent years, due in part to their durability and because they are fireproof. These are expensive roofs that require specialty contractors for installation, but they may be cost-effective over the long run due to their long life. Several types of metal roofing systems are available, including raised-seam panels and products that mimic the look of composite shingles.

Asphalt Composition Shingles

These are cheap and easily obtainable, but they are less attractive than other options due to their flat appearance. This is by far the most popular type of roofing material.

Slate Roofing

This is a highly attractive, high-end roofing option, but it is expensive and very heavy. Slate roofs are extremely slippery to walk on and difficult to repair when damaged.

Composition Slate

These synthetic tiles made from 95 percent recycled materials, including rubber, are gaining in popularity. They closely resemble slate and other forms of stone tile but are much lighter and less susceptible to damage.

Clay Or Ceramic Tile

Long the most predominant image in Southern California and Florida, the so-called Spanish-style red tile roof is still common but is being gradually replaced by metal and composite materials that mimic the Spanish tile look. Other roofing materials are now available which meet ceramic tile’s fire retardant ability, with much less weight put on the roof. This type of shingle is called the half-barrel because it is essentially a cylinder cut in half length-wise, roughly 16 inches long.

New Construction Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions

“How Does New Construction Roofing Differ From Roof Replacement?”

While both these projects provide brand-new roofs, the difference lies in when these are carried out. New construction roofing is done while building a new house or building from the ground up. Once the exterior walls and foundations are built, the pros can start installing the roof that will cover the structure. Roof replacement, meanwhile, is done on existing structures. The pros recommend this project if the existing roof is past its lifespan or is showing signs of extensive damage.

What Can I Expect During a New Construction Roofing Project?

The roofing pros will first perform a detailed inspection of the entire building envelope. This allows them to determine the types of roofing components needed for the project, including the deck, insulation and roof covering, and make sure the roof’s design meets all your requirements. After agreeing to the project details, the roofers can begin the installation process. A final inspection of the completed work will be performed so you can check if the newly installed roof meets your needs.

How Can I Make the Most of this Roofing Project?

Regardless of the scope of the new construction roofing project, you can get the best results possible when you work with a reputable roofing contractor in your area. They should have the experience and expertise to know which roofing system works best for your property, making sure it meets and exceeds local climate and aesthetic requirements.

Why Can’t I Just Install My Own Roof?

If your existing roof is installed relatively recently, chances are, you can. There are two factors that can affect this change. One is the slope of the roof; certain materials like slate are ideally installed on steep-sloped roofs. The other is the weight of the new roofing material. Metal is compatible with just about any existing roof structure thanks to its relatively lighter weight, however, tile and slate are much heavier. You should have your roofing contractor check your roof if it can accommodate the added weight.